Skylynn Hall Memorial Barrel Race

The Skylynn Hall Memorial Barrel Race event is dedicated to a small infant child who was cared for so well by The Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. We truly know the love and dedication the staff and facility gave to our precious Skylynn. We are so very grateful, still to this day for every single staff person, every single kind thought and deed. Even though our story, and outcome, was one of great sadness, we continue onward to strive to make efforts for other children and families. Miss Skylynn succumed to the RSV virus that is a childhood illness. Because of Skylynn's premie age, she was more susceptible, and weaker than an older infant to fight RSV. To this day, we feel her presence among us, and know she is guiding and watching over the arena as many barrel racers run the pattern. We invite you to become a part of a wonderful event that donates ALL proceeds to The Children's Hospital Foundation of Colorado.

Miracles truly happen every day for the children at The Children's Hospital. The hospital is ranked in the top ten in the country, children are treated and saved every day. The hospital works with a whole spectrum of cases from everyday sprains and infections to life threatening conditions. Donations are the hospital's greatest need and we invite you to help create another successful event, by either a donation or a sponsorship for this year's event to bring in as many contestants, family members, and proceeds, to be sent to this fabulous facility.

The Children's Hospital has touched our family very deeply, as well as, others in our state and communities. To raise money for The Children's Hospital Foundation, The Whitefeather Ranch is the Host and Sponsor, of the Skylynn Hall Memorial Barrel Race. ALL proceeds are donated to The Children's Hospital Foundation. The barrel race is sanctioned by the National Barrel Horse Association of (NBHA) of Wyoming and Nebraska. To create a great outcome, for the most possible proceeds, we are asking for your help. We are looking for greater incentive. If you would like to become a dynamic part of this outstanding event, please consider a donation, a sponsorship, a door prize, or a token of any size or amount.

It is our belief that by your help and donation, we can present a bigger impact for The Children's Hospital Foundation by participating and donating at the Skylynn Hall Memorial Barrel Race